Bowel Cancer Screening

Bowel Cancer Screening 

Bowel Cancer Screening programme- what you need to know!

· Is for all people 50-74 years old.

· Is the third commonest cancer.

· Invitations are sent every 2 years usually near your birthday.

· Men more at risk than women ( 1 in 18 men, 1 in 22 women).

· Only 52% of men ( & 58% of women) returned test kits.

· Less than one in 50 people who return a kit will be positive and have to undergo a bowel examination - of these people 1 in 10 will have bowel cancer.

· 2 patients in our practice have had bowel cancer detected and treated in this practice alone since screening began.

· Early detection means cure for over 90% of cases. Late detection means this reduces to only 10%.

· Look at for more information.

· For a replacement kit contact 0800 0121 833.

If still in doubt about completing the test, read what Brian, a patient, says below:

"Earlier this year feeling and looking fit and healthy, I undertook, with confidence, the routine bowel screening test which arrived in the post.  With no obvious symptoms I was surprised when the simple test highlighted what turned out to be a malignant tumour.  How grateful I am that the problem was detected early enough for the dedicated team at the Western General Hospital to resolve through surgery and treatment.  My message is clear - if you receive a screening kit in the post then PLEASE TAKE THE TEST.  I am certainly glad I did" Brian - Dunbar


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